Malibu Office

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We are pleased to announce the opening of our new Malibu Residential and Commercial security office.

We are located at 24531 Piuma Rd. Malibu, CA., 90265.

I’ve always loved this part of California’s coast; I always loved coming here to visit, or to work with people I have met here (we probably have installed close to two dozen security gates and driveway gates in Malibu over the last twenty years). Some time ago I realized that all I needed to do to live here was to decide that this was the place where I wanted to live. So, I made that decision, and we will be moving in over the next couple weeks!
We’re really got a wonderful place, with lots of room to play and to work. See that donkey? He’s on our property, with another one, too – just as cute and with even bigger ears!
And I also have a nice big workspace where we will be fabricating gates and have a big inventory on hand to help Malibu residents and businesses with all their security needs.