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We are the ONLY company in the SoCal area that can be your one-stop contractor for building concentric circles of protection around your home.

We believe you can establish greater peace of mind by reinforcing your home with upgraded security measures. Below are just a few of our solutions for protecting your property.

A to Z

Property Protection

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Hundreds of Los Angeles area corporations, gated communities, management companies and neighborhoods rely on Mulholland for their physical security. We have earned a sterling reputation for quality work.

We carry a wide range of brand name security hardware, and we stand behind everything we sell.


We offer more than gates and fencing.  Our contractors are security experts ready to assist you with a variety of solutions to protect your property, your pets, and your family.

Cameras & CCTV

Amongst the most beneficial aspects of a modern residential security system is being able to look in on your property when you’re away. Now you can checking in on your kids and their pets, domestic help or a home remodeler as they work on your home while you are at work. Home security cameras are very helpful tools for busy families on the move.

Their features vary from device to device,  but all home security cameras allow you to see what’s happening in your home through live or recorded video.

There are cameras that are integrated with alarms and that can notify you when activity is detected. 


  • Bullet
  • Dome
  • Desktop
  • Discrete
  • Infared/Night Vision
  • Outdoor
  • Day/Night Vision
  • Varifocal
  • Network/IP
  • PTZ/Speed Domes
  • High-Definition

There are some that offer two-way audio, and there are others that are intended to help you keep a watchful eye on your baby.

There are hundreds of home security cameras that have been introduced over the last few years and there are numerous features. But the most important thing is you want a camera system that will “see” well enough to do the job, and that will transmit and record well.   Another necessity for many homes is that the cameras should be attractive in appearance. 

Device support is important as well. Our most popular camera systems allow one to monitor from anywhere you can get an internet connection, whether it’s via a phone app or a Web browser. 

Every business should have the best security affordable. Your employees and clients should never have a doubt about their safety, and your property and assets all require protection. 

There’s a lot of competition for quality at the top of the security industry. Generally, the top brands are getting better and better every year. 

Your system working well probably depends as much of more on the quality of the installation than on the quality of the components.

That’s a very good reason to consider Mulholland.

Licensed, bonded, and available 24/7, we know what it takes to provide you with professional, efficient and quality commercial locksmith services. Equipped with the latest mobile equipment and the knowledge and expertise to install or repair almost any kind of lock, Mulholland can take care of you. 

Want Mulholland to contact you and talk with you about your project? Give us a call at 818.221.1803 or fill out the form below.  

Intercoms & Access Control

You can add to the physical security provided by conventional keys, locks and hardware by utilizing residential electronic and biometric access control systems. 

Access control is the combination of hardware and software that controls access to entry points of a secure structure or property. It can be used for commercial or residential applications. The purpose of these products is to manage, restrict or grant access of individuals to specific areas.

These security solutions were first most popular in commercial applications, but have gradually become more frequently in use in residential applications due to their modern aspects and their convenience.


  • Intercom Videocom
  • Motion Sensor Systems
  • Card Access System
  • Fob Access
  • Code Access
  • Fingerprint Access Control
  • Facial Recognition
  • Retinal Scan Systems
  • Hand Geometry Readers
  • Palm Print Access
Locksmithing & Rekeying

The most basic component of home security are high quality, expertly installed doors and windows and their respective locking systems.

The doors and windows of any home are the easiest points of access. Consequently, they are the first areas of address in the improvement of any home security system. 

  • Dead bolt installation
  • Desk locks
  • Digital Combination locks
  • Door Security
  • Emergency Locksmithing
  • Emtek  Locks
  • Fingerprint Locks
  • Fob Systems
  • High Security Locks
  • High Security Doors
  • Keyless Entry systems
  • Lock Change
  • Lock Re-key
  • Master Key Systems
  • Medeco Security
  • Repair and Installation
  • Window Security
Security Lights
Our motion-sensor lighting will help strengthen your property security and help to out you at ease. The motion-sensor feature alerts you when someone approaches your home, day or night.  Our  lighting includes adjustable sensitivity ranges between 5 to 30 feet.. Additionally, our energy-saving adjustable shutoff delay can be set between 1 to 10 minutes.
We can provide this lighting for any property size, from smaller homes to estates.
Securing Package Delivery & Mailboxes
We help you with this through installing locking security mailboxes. The locking access door allows the mail carrier to leave your mail and packages through an opening but prevents criminals from taking them.
Aluminum is finished with a durable powder-coat so your mailbox will withstand the elements.
Safe Rooms
We can take on a safe room project of any size and just about any budget.
At the low end of the budget would be a safe closet. We would create a hidden closet that would be very difficult to locate for an intruder who did not already know where it was.
This closet could be sealed against outgoing light and soundproofed in such a way that you would have to be pretty noisy for the intruder to hear you. However, depending on the size of the closet, there would not be room for a lot of people to stay very long!
The “next level up” from that would be a room. We are able to conceal entries in various ways that make them impossible or very time consuming for an intruder to find. Depending on the size of the room, there would certainly be more space for more people to be more comfortable for longer periods of time. Tables, chairs, cots,
bunk beds and food provisions are all possible with larger rooms.
These rooms and closets can be designed primarily to hide you from intruders until help arrives or until the criminals become apathetic or frustrated and leave – with some of your possessions, no doubt, but not with your lives. Such rooms and closets can also be created to withstand a considerable amount of brute force (in the same manner that these rooms are constructed in Israel, to withstand terrorist bombings.)
Safes & Wallsafes

Many homeowners are using inexpensive safes purchased from an office supply store or wholesale club to store their valuables. We have seen safes of this type used to store hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry or investment grade precious metal. Safes of this type are intended to provide protections against fire, not burglary, and can be easily compromised by a knowledgeable intruder.

Mulholland installs UL listed burglary safes to store jewelry and other valuables in the home. We also bolt safes to the floor. We have also devised many ways of concealing a safe so that intruders are unaware of their existence.

Secure Doors & Entry
Mulholland supplies businesses, hospitals, schools and homes with tough and durable security doors and bars.
We know that aesthetics matter, especially in your home, and one of our core beliefs is that the secret to good security is to keep it a secret. That’s why our high-security doors and windows don’t look like security doors! We can replicate almost any style door, including those with glass, or build to spec from your drawings without compromising the security of the door and without anyone realizing that it is a high-security door.
Why you should consider a high-security door…
Alarms and surveillance cameras are good if are part of a comprehensive security strategy. But on their own, all they provide is a false sense of security because if your alarm goes off it’s already too late. Someone is in your home and chances are they’ll be gone before the police arrive.
You don’t want to learn this the hard way: an alarm won’t stop a determined intruder from getting into your home. The fact is that a fully determined burglar, with enough time and tools, can get past any barrier. If you’re concerned about determined intruders, you need to get a door that will stand up for a very long time.
Whether it’s for your front entrance, your bedroom, or your panic room – give us a call.
Securing Windows

If a burglar does not have easy entry through your doors, the next path of least resistance is through a window or via a sliding glass door. We have various solutions of window security.

That standard factory-supplied lock hardware on many residential windows and sliding doors is of very poor quality, allowing the window or door to be easily forced open or lifted from its tracks.

Mulholland will install supplementary locking devices on sliding doors and windows. These devices are available in a wide variety.

Exterior glass is used at nearly every residence. Some homes have only a few exterior glass doors and windows, while at other homes glass makes up a significant portion of the exterior wall. While all glass is a potential entry point for a burglar, certain glass can be especially vulnerable. This glass includes:

  1. Glass panes within door or beside doors.  These windows can be broken, allowing the burglar to reach inside to unlock the door.
  2. Glass windows located at grade level in concealed locations. These windows can be broken and allow the burglar to enter unobserved.
  3. Glass windows located in window wells that are below grade. These windows allow a burglar to crawl into the window well, break a window, and enter unobserved.

Mulholland will install security window film on windows that are in particularly vulnerable locations. While an intruder can shatter the glass, the security window film keeps the glass shards together, making entry through the window opening much more difficult.

Secure Your Garage Door


Residential garage doors are commonly equipped with garage door openers. Most of these openers have an emergency release mechanism that allows the door to be opened in case of power failure. In the majority of cases, the emergency release mechanism can be released from the outside of the garage using a coat hanger or other stiff wire. The coat hanger is inserted at the gap at the top of the door, and is used to grab the cord connected to the emergency release. Once this cord is pulled, the door can be freely opened from the outside. This technique is often used by more sophisticated intruders as a method to gain entry to garages.

Mulholland will install a shield around the emergency release lever, preventing it from being pulled except from inside the garage.


For many years, simple radio controls were used in conjunction with garage door openers. These radio controls used a limited number of different code combinations, often 256 codes or less. An intruder with a compatible transmitter can manually try various code combinations until they find one that works. There are also homemade devices that can rapidly scan through all code combinations quickly, allowing the door to be opened in a manner of minutes.

One way to tell if your radio controls are one of the older types is to look at your garage door transmitter (“clicker”). Transmitters used with the older systems usually had a “DIP” switch that allowed the code combination to be set. Opening the case of the transmitter will allow you to see if a DIP switch is present. If it is, you probably have one of the older systems.

Solution: Older radio controls should be replaced with newer radio controls that use “rolling code” technology. A rolling code system selects a new code from 4.3 billion possible combinations each time the system is used, making it nearly impossible for an intruder to ever match the code. New radio controls can usually be added to existing garage door openers without requiring that the opener itself be replaced.

The above services listed are not limited to residential. We also service commercial, retail, and government sectors with all of the above services. In addition, we also offer the following:


Our experience in the security industry has taught us that by nature, people don’t typically consider the services of a security professional until after something bad occurs.

It’s a little like placing a traffic signal at an intersection after an accident instead of before which would have prevented the incident from occurring in the first place.

These conclusions include costs and budget advice in order to align security expenditures with the entire organization, bench-marking the security program with industry best practices, and providing a strategic security road-map that reflects a world-class operation.


A security assessment focuses on four major areas of your organization: technical, physical, procedural, and personnel. This is a holistic appraisal of all security operational competencies, program scope, strategy, budget, and expenditures; structure, personnel, and training; policies, procedures, and plans; physical security measures; and security-related technologies.

By leveraging years of experience in this field conducting similar security assessment projects,we determine the key findings and recommendations of the assessment through a comparative analysis of your organization with similar operations we have observed.

The security assessment technical component is comprised of a review of security systems, such as closed-circuit television video surveillance (e.g., Internet protocol and digital), automated access control devices (e.g., proximity card or bio-metric), intrusion detection (e.g., motion detection, glass sensor, and door contact), and fire life safety (e.g., smoke detection, annunciation, and suppression).

A critical element of the security assessment is the integration between these systems. Ideally, the camera systems are tied to access control, fire alarms, and intrusion detection so that if any of these devices is activated, the systems talk to each other to provide optimum situational awareness.

The security assessment physical security evaluation examines the fencing, walls, windows, doors, locks, keys, barricades, barriers, and other structural measures used to protect the property. Procedural security reviews all written guidelines, documents, policies, plans, and procedures; an example is an emergency management plan specifically created for the venue.

Lastly, a the security assessment personnel review assesses corporate security staff, security officers (contract or proprietary), executive protection specialists, and medical support.

Parking Control

Mulholland offers a complete line of products to control vehicular traffic into your parking areas. From barrier gate operators, to traffic control spikes to power backup systems, Mulholland provides the complete solution for your parking control needs.

Whether you are trying to secure a single site or multiple locations across the county, Mulholland has the solution you are looking for. In many situations implementation of traffic control creates a safer more secure environment. Whether your needs are a simple barrier arm for minimum security and traffic flow control or a government rated plate barrier or drop arm barrier (boom barrier) for high security and high risk situations, Mulholland has the security solution.

Our experienced team has worked with many manufacturers to streamline systems and make products more suited to the customers needs.

If you are not quite sure exactly what it is you need, feel free to contact us anyway, so that we can arrange a consultation.

You see, we have been creating parking solutions since 1994, we’ve solved problems just like yours hundreds of times in the past and we will be happy to solve your problems today.

Conventional, High-Security, and Electronic Locking Systems

Need greater protection from criminals, saboteurs, spies, – or in-laws? Mulholland can install in your home or business any of the high security locks provided by the world renowned Medeco or Mul-T-Lock brands.

High security locks provide a high level of protection against the basic means of attack either from outside of a protected area and from within by employees, service personnel, or those who may have or gain access to one or more locks.

Full, in-house integration of all systems

Do you want to be aware of everything going on in and around your home, even from your mobile phone? We’re fully aware of all the latest developments in home and commercial electronic surveillance, both wired and wireless. We integrate video, intercom, and access control throughout your property.


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Woodlike aluminum driveway gate

Mulholland’s Philosophy

Concentric Circle of Protection

Many homes are not equipped with additional locked doors or barriers on the inside of the building. Once a burglar makes his way through an exterior door or window, he has free access to all areas of the home.
A fundamental element of providing good security involves a concept called “Concentric Circles of Protection”. The premise of this concept is that security can be greatly improved by providing multiple “rings” or “layers” of security, each of which must be penetrated in order for an intruder to gain access to the high-value assets within a home.
For example, at the average home, additional “layers” of security can be created by installing deadbolt locks on both the master bedroom door and the master bedroom closet. These doors would be kept closed and locked when the resident was away from the home. High-value assets such as jewelry would be stored in the master bedroom closet.
The implementation of these measures would create a condition where there were three “layers” of security: the exterior doors and windows, the master bedroom door, and the master bedroom closet door. A burglar who was intent on stealing jewelry would have to make his way through three doors before achieving his goal. If the home had a safe, and this safe were installed within the master bedroom closet, this would create a fourth layer of security.
Locked master bedroom doors and master bedroom closet doors could also be used to provide secure places to hide in the event that someone forced their way into the premises when the occupants were home. (For additional information on providing protection of residents while at home, see Introduction to Safe Rooms.)


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