Re-Key Locks

Mulholland Brand - Security

When to Change Your Locks: “Hard lessons learned!” Over the years the pain and tears of our clients teach us to change the locks or at least have them re-keyed whenever a manager, director, partner, or any “key” employee moves on to another business!  Maybe that’s why we call them “Key” employees! The truth is it’s not the employees we need to be concerened with, but rather one or more of their friends or family who may have a problem or addiction that has over-taken their good judgement. If the employee had a key to your facility – – we have learned over the 18 years plus years of serving the Los Angeles communities that periodic re-keying, and certainly when someone leaves is the best insurance to keep your assets and personal property safe and secure you can simply and affordably change the locks or have them re-keyed and rest much easier knowing you have taken care of business and security! Ask about the Mulholland Security “Re-Key Special” to take advantage of the current savings for each keyhole we change! Call us at: 888.562-5638

Will you choose discipline or regret? Business mentors and spiritual gurus teach us that discipline weighs ounces compared to the often unbarable weight of regret!. Discipline is ounces, and regret is tons, along with the loss of our most valued items, family tresures, one of a kind hirelooms, and childhood memories, all gone for good when we make the wrong decisons. Still, all too often we find our clients in a state of shock when they realize it’s too late to secure the home or business after the crime! when we are faced with important decisons, reminded about our security we can easily overlook the whole issue of applying the discipline required to truely secure our family, employees, assets and personal items. So again we offer this gentle reminders to all our friends and family… If you have not changed your locks, or re-keyed your home or business in long while… it’s time!  Will you choose discipline, or regret?

When is the last time you changed your locks, or had your locks re-keyed? We are often surprised to hear that many of clients have gone over five years, some even longer!. Because this is our business, we here all the sad stories that didn’t have happen. Stories about families whose children have grown, their “so called” friend who stayed over once or twice had taken a key they found on the counter and had it copied. They returned when they thought it was safe to go through the house unnoticed. What they didn’t think about on some of these accounts was the motion sensors and cameras that proved it was them.
So many disappointments.  We have learned that some of these unlawful entries where they had the key happen one or two years after they took the key! They thought about doing it for years but had the good sense to know right from wrong. But then, they got in some trouble, needed the money and started thinking of how they might get money fast and then they remember that have the key! The only point of sharing these sad stories to remind you to change your locks, or have them re-keyed twice a yearfor your home, and for your business, do it every time a “Key” employee who had a key moves on or retires!