Pricing Guide for Fences, Gates, Pergola, Railing

Vertical profile 24 driveway gate

At Mulholland Brand, we’ve designed our pricing to be as simple as possible regardless of whether you’re installing a gate, fence, railing system, or pergola.

(We have prepared a brief video that mirrors this information as well.)

Our Price List

aluminum pedestrian gate
All of our gates are determined by the square foot.

Everything goes by the same price list, so whether you live in California, Texas, or Florida, it doesn’t matter. Everyone pays the same. And all of our authorized dealersuse the same formula so you never have to worry about pricing inconsistencies.

We’ve simplified the cost of our products to breakdown by the square foot or linear foot.

Gates: $65-150/sqft
Fences/Panels: $57.50-75/sqft
Railing: We have various options that start as low as $100-350/linear foot

Even labor on the installation has a standard charge.

Factors That Affect Pricing

Gate Measurement Mulholland Brand
The amount of material required in square feet is multiplied by an exact cost.

Every project we do is a custom job. Since we generally charge by square feet, the main factor that affects the amount you pay for your project is how wide and how tall. For example, when pricing a fence, the size of your property and terrain of your property directly affects your pricing.

After this, a couple other factors affect the amount you pay:

Series Options

Some of our lines have different materials that require more workmanship. Due to these differences, various lines will cost more. For example, our Open Air Railing system has an automated or manual option. Or choosing the glass gate option versus the standard profile 24 or hi-tech.

Accessory Preferences

Since your installation is specific to your property and your needs, you always have the option of choosing accessories such as keypads, intercoms, motors, and alarms to maximize the safety, security, beauty of your home.


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