Guide to Surface Preparation for ZRC

Worker in manufacturing plant


ZRC Must Be Applied Only To Clean, Dry, Bare Metal Surfaces!!!

Unlike inorganic zincs that require a near-white, practically aseptic surface, ZRC’s organic base allows it to be used over rust-stained steel. Keep in mind, however, that any material left on the surface, specifically old paint, will block ZRC’s zinc from contacting the metal surface. When the ZRC is not able to contact the metal, electrical conductivity cannot occur. Without electrical conductivity, no galvanic action can occur.

Necessary preparation will be largely determined by the steel’s existing condition.


Steel is Oily or Greasy

Light Rust

Heavy Rust or Mill Scale

Old, Corroded Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Preparing Welds

Marginally Prepared Surfaces

(Where old, existing paint cannot be removed for various reasons,

rust has begun and the paint is blistering.)


Wipe off with solvent rags being sure to change rags often to avoid contamination.

Wirebrush of the rust by hand or with a power tool. Then, solvent wipe the surface.

You MUST do commercial grade sandblasting.

Wirebrush to remove zinc salts and rust. Then solvent wipe.

Knock off slag and other surface imperfections, allow surface to cool. Wipe with solvent to be sure no oil, dust or grease remains. Overlap ZRC at least 1″ onto existing paint or galvanizing.

Wirebrush the paint blisters and rust to expose the bare metal. Wipe off with solvent rags. Then apply ZRC overlapping at least 1″ onto existing paint. (ZRC will not lift or blister old paint.)

PLEASE NOTE: Applying ZRC to wet or damp surfaces will result in poor adhesion and ultimate coating failure.


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