Our Most Popular Gate of the Month – Vertical Driveway Gate Alhambra California

Our most popular gate of April 2021 Mulholland Brand March 2021

Our most popular gate for March 2021 was this vertical slat driveway gate that we fabricated in our Canoga Park factory and that we installed in Alhambra, California.

Our most popular gate of April 2021 Mulholland Brand March 2021
A distinctive aspect of this gate is the vertical slats. You’ll find this classic style to be very popular and easy to maintain.

Alhambra is a city in the San Gabriel Valley, close to Los Angeles. It is one of the earliest cities in California. There are many charming homes in this area. The home where we installed this particular gate looks very much like this Spanish Mediterranean home:

Spanish Mediterranean Home in California

This is a very popular home style throughout the area, and particularly in the San Gabriel area. The color and style of the gate were a nice match. The gate is very much in character with this old Spanish style, but it is a completely modern gate as well.

The aluminum and powder-coating of our most popular gate in March protects and beautifies the home indefinitely.

It actually does not require any maintenance. But it will be much nicer if you make the occasional extra effort to go out and wipe off the dust or give it a good hosing, even rarely.

You’ll see that these styles of vertical fencing are very popular. Here are a couple more examples:

pedestrian walk-way gate in Alhambra, Ca. Manufactured and installed by Mulholland Brand.
We set this walkway gate against a Spanish Mediterranean style of home. You always want to choose your colors so that they fit well within your home scheme. You can take advantage of Mulholland’s broad color palette to get the perfect color for your home.
Picket fence Side Mulholland Brand Gate and Fence
Here you see vertical slats and pickets, with a full privacy fence on the right, and a traditional fence on the left.

People often want to use this style in our woodlike styles as well:

a woodlike pedestrian gate with vertical slats
You can get woodlike with vertical slats without glass. This makes for a solid appearance in the gate or fence.

Vertical or Horizontal Slats – Which is Best?

We have not been able to find anything about vertical or horizontal slats being better than the other.

I talked about this with a friend. He mentioned that he was very skinny as a kid, and that his mother always told him to wear horizontally striped shirts. She told him it would create an illusion that he had a little more bulk to him!

vertical and horizontal shrits
The guy on the left doesn’t listen to his mom! A joker! The young fellow on the right obviously does listen to his mom! Who would you trust?

I imagine that kids that are overweight are also counseled by their moms to wear vertically striped shirts for the opposite reason – that it might somehow make a chubby kid looking a little leaner.

little kid with striped shirt
This kid obviously listens to his mom. Or minds her, anyway. Inarguably a fashion sense on display!

So, that’s all very informal, but I think that it makes some sense, doesn’t it? Vertical fences can add a bit of a sense of height to a low and wide property.  Horizontal slats might make more sense if you want to emphasize width. Please let us know if this makes sense to you, or if you would care to challenge this conclusion.