Gate and Fence Protects Los Angeles Homeowner and Family

Contemporary Home with Hi-Tech Gate by Mulholland Brand


Mulholland Brand Hi-Tech Gate Fence Mulholland BrandWe just installed a gate and fence for this home. Our homeowners in Mar Vista own the glass home you see pictured here. It’s almost “too attractive” because it invites the gaze of passersby, not just to the home, but what is inside the home!

We could have handled that in other ways, but they wanted the view from the inside to be open and they also wanted a private place to entertain in the yard. They also wanted their dogs to be able to get out of the home, but not go to the street.

One of our most modern fence and gate styles

This particular line of fence is called “Hi-Tech 45”.


Mulholland Brand Hi-Tech Gate Fence Mulholland Brand Before
The “Before” Look of the Home

We called it Hi-Tech as it came out when that was a buzz word. People may have stopped talking that way in regards to computers, but, in the gate and fence world, we don’t quit so easily.

We call it the “45” due to the 45 degree slant in all the horizontal slats. See the image below!

This line of narrow, horizontal slats, each perfectly parallel, is one of our most modern appearing designs. Although it is beautiful on its own, the purpose of the fence is not to draw attention to itself; it is to frame the property as it provides privacy and security.

You will see here an image giving a side view of the profile of the fence and gate. The horizontal slats are all machine notched where they join to the posts. This allows each joint weld to be fully hidden from view.

Contemporary Look

We call this design “The 45” because of the angle of the horizontally placed parallel slats. This angle results in a deflection of the line of vision so that no one can see directly through them. Yet, the separation between each slat allows for full air circulation.

side view of "Hi-Tech 45" a Mulholland Brand Fence and Gate Profile


Note the very clean lines from the side view of this fence and gate. Where the vertical slats fit into the vertical posts, inside the posts, there are hidden welds. Each of these welds increases the strength of the gate and fence.

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