13 Important Directions I Give to my Gate Installation Design Team

Helping you Get the Right Gate

I have been helping customers with the designing and installing of their security gates for some time and have developed a sort of knack for getting it right the first time. I was asked what the basic rules are.

He are the Mulholland Security policies and directives given to our staff:

1.  The gate that is chosen for a residential customer is a gate that thrills or delights your customer. There is a design, somewhere, that will thrill your customer. It is usually either in the customer’s mind or in your portfolio.

Do not compromise on this step. There will be some design that the customer has or that you can supply that will make even the sourest customer brighten up. You want a gate that the person would love to have on their premises.

2.  In a business account, you always want a gate that satisfies more than all of the company’s security concerns.

3.  In the selection of a gate, act always in the customer’s best interests. This is always in the company’s best interests as well.

4.  If there is something that you can suggest to improve security, safety or beauty of a gate installation, advise it.

5.  If there is something that you can suggest that would give the same or better quality for a gate at a lower price, suggest it.

6.  The customer is always right in regards to the design and aesthetics of a gate. This is a matter of taste. In the matter of security and quality, as a company employee you are there to guide the client to an understanding of the requirements for security and safety in a gate installation.

7.  Accept their design considerations no matter what they are as these things are all a matter of personal taste.  Accept them easily even if they do not match your own.

8.  If the customer asks for something in regards to the materials or quality of the materials for a gate that does not meet the standards of the company, tell him so. The best way to get through this is to be plain spoken and not hedge.

9.  On residential accounts with married people, attempt to get in communication with both of the spouses.  You want both to be happy with the look and quality of the completed product.

10.  Bring a full portfolio of all the manufacturers that you represent and of the designs that you have from past accounts or that our company manufactures.

11.  Get in communication fully with the person picking out the design. Understand completely what she needs and wants to have.

12.  If the person has picked out a design and has a picture of it, tell the person that we can duplicate it with any revision that is desired. (Realize that we can duplicate any design completely. We can either locate the manufacturer or we can duplicate in our manufacturing department if it was custom made. We can create or re-create anything that the customer wants.)

13.  Use your portfolio only to assist the person who does not know what they want or who is not able to clearly articulate it.  Remember: get a gate chosen or designed that thrills our client!

I am counting on you.

Avi Ben David