A Mulholland Gate and a Motor Bike Ride!

Aluminum and glass driveway gate

Hello, this is Avi Ben David at Mulholland and I want to show you a project that we finished over here about two months ago and I’m passing through the area doing a little a motorcycle ride and getting here to see this gate.

I haven’t been here when the work was done. I haven’t been through the work our amazing crew was there putting this gate together.

And I want to show you as I’m getting close to the gate, I want to show you the workmanship on this gate and the design of it. The customer here when we were done was thrilled: he couldn’t believe he can even get something like that.

And then you will see how this gate is traveling on  a bridge so that it can take care of the slope that we have in here and that bridge was here before. We replaced an existing gate.

So when we go, let’s say get a bit closer and eh, see this gate is made out of aluminum . It’s all powder coated, which means there aren’t going to be any maintenance issues of painting.

Like when you deal with the iron gates and then you can see the workmansh ip. The gate is d irty right now. All you really have what do you got to do with those gates is, really, just clean them up every once in a while, and that’s about it.

Look at the finishes where the glass is meeting the metal. You can see it welds here, How beautiful! Everything is very smooth.

And, look at this glass! Amazing! Can see a reflection of this beautiful view?

And, I like it because the yellow pillars give it a really nice contrast.

Now let’s go ahead and look at the motor over here. Here we go. See, the motor is very small. There are no chains or anything like this. When you’re driving down, you don’t want to see any chains or anything. Very elegant!

Speaker 1:

So this is the motor and the gate. It traveled here on this bridge that was here before, We were able to leave the existing track over here. And then the gate will travel.

So, this is a solution when you have a situation where you need the gate to slide and you have a large slope, we’re creating those bridges and everything has to have the gate that travels on the track itself.

And, that’s about it. So a beautiful Gate, and a beautiful situation. I say, contrast of colors and another successful project of Mulholland brand.

My name is Avi Ben David, and we are at 1.800.562.5770. Give us a call if you need help you. Have a beautiful weekend!