Art Deco Gate

Stainless steel driveway gate

“Our clients wanted privacy first and foremost, but they also wanted contemporary beauty.”

We’re very proud of the design, fabrication and installation of this particular driveway gate.

This gate has everything: motorized, remote, intercom, access control, smart phone control, you name it; all integrated by Mulholland techs.

A driveway gate gets used – and abused – more than anything else around your property. 

 Constructing a Gate from A-Z is a complicated process. It requires the vendor to be very detailed oriented with all stages of gate craftsmanship, and it requires specific knowledge and experience with safety and security systems integration.  (It is not recommended to work with three different vendors on one gate project, because they will all blame the other for any and all problems – leaving you in the middle.)

Maintaining high quality control all through the process, verifying the quality of the materials, the quality of work and craftsmanship, and staying on top of deadlines and promises to serve the client are all key to doing this business well.

Designing, fabricating, finishing, and installing a gate, particularly for a hilly terrain, can be a serious challenge to complete correctly so that the gate works smoothly and properly for years to come.

The terrain is often overlooked and can be the cause of sinking posts, gates touching the ground and falling out of proper calibration, which then requires endless maintenance and adjustment, (we are very familiar with this as service calls to repair such gates are a big part of our business).

Experienced gate companies like Mulholland Security will save you time and money because of issues like this.

Always ask how many gates the vendor has fabricated in the previous year; they should know. Ask who actually fabricates the gate; do they outsource the work or do it in-house? Ask them how they follow up to ensure proper quality control.

How many years of experience do they have?

Ask to see client testimonials, and reference letters; the most serious companies even have video testimonials.

Or, simply call Gates Los Angeles, a division of Mulholland Security Centers, Inc. to get started with your new beautiful gate, with a professional and experienced company, and all in-line with your budget.


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