Encino Privacy Gate – A Beautiful Multi-Piece Perimeter

This project in Encino, CA. was simply a pleasure to work on, and one of our latest favorites.

With privacy and security issues increasing in the public hivemind, if you have multiple areas of entry around your home, there can be great peace of mind achieved after creating a perimeter.  That was the goal of this particular homeowner in Encino.  In order to protect multiple exposed points of entry, it helps to call a contractor who can provide a beautiful installation to creatively solve your problems with a consistent design that compliments the layout of your property perfectly.

This multi-sectional PROFILE 24 installation was created to add a layer of security and protect many areas of the homeowners perimeter.

  • It included 3 multi-sectional double gates,a rear entry pedestrian gate, a pedestrian sidegate, and an enclosure for an air conditioning unit.
  • We used 100% powder coated aluminum design with wide slats, for added privacy.

Each individual gate was custom fitted with handles and hardware of the customers choice.  Both keyed and electronic lock versions are available.

Wide Aluminum PROFILE 24 Swing Gate

This installation will not only add curb appeal to the property, our installations are proven to boost your property value.  Additionally, because it is built with powder coated aluminum, this installation will retain it’s beauty and elegance with little to no maintenance required.

PROFILE 24 Pedestrian Side Gate

(Installed as a companion piece to the main entryway)

Customers and contractors alike are falling in love with aluminum as a building material for gates and fences.  Not just because it is light-weight, and therefore easier for clients to budget scaleable projects, but because of the customizations available within the frames.  Customers can choose the width of the slats, and some customers even add glass panes along frame edges.

PROFILE 24 Air Conditioning Enclosure

(Installed as a companion piece to the main entryway)



For this project, a conventional steel or wood gate of this size would be a monster to build and to install :  it would be very heavy, and require machinery or several personnel to install it. The whole process could also be potentially dangerous and requires additional steps for safety.

Aluminum gates and fences are much lighter than wood or steel.
– Avi Ben David, CEO

In the past, we made many sliding gates of this size from various types of wood. People want wood gates that would last. Mangaris or ironwood gates are wonderful options, but wooden gates of this size could also weigh as much as 2-3 times the weight of aluminum gates. A conventional steel gate like this would weigh even more.

a gate motor by the nice company

Small, chainless electric gate motor pairs perfectly with aluminum sliding gates

Gate motors can be noisy, and an eyesore on a property, and subject you to grease spills and stains.  Using lightweight aluminum materials allows you to use smaller, quieter, and more energy-efficient gate motors.

For example, the motor we most often use on sliding gates is only about 10″ tall by 8.5″ deep by 12″ wide.  It’s quiet, chainless, Italian-made, includesh a great warranty, and it is loved by our customers.

The motor that would be needed to move a gate of wood or steel of comparable dimensions would be 2-3 times larger in dimensions and would consume much more electricity in its work.

The lighter weight has many other dividends. They are easier and less expensive to transport and to put in place.  All of these also result in a lower price for you without a compromise to quality.



Aluminum gates and fences used to be solely available in the traditional look of wrought iron. And that’s still a beautiful view in many properties.

But not always! There are also properties and situations where the solid appearance is more welcomed and is the final choice.

Semi private fence

A fence like this if often called a “semi-private fence”. Gaps between the fence slats allow for ventilation and aren’t quite so intimidating in appearance.

Backyard Security Fences

This aluminum fence, of the traditional “wrought iron look” is made by the Ultra Fence Company.



The rationale for a solid profile aluminum sliding gate is generally that they will provide more privacy. Of course, there are many who choose this look simply as it is more of the “look” that they want to achieve for their property.

Explore some of our customizations to our PROFILE 24 series below, or see our entire collection in our inspiration gallery.



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