The Power of Perception

Iron driveway gate with horizontal slats

Are you considering getting a gate and fence for your property?

Why? Is it for added security, beauty, to increase the value of your property, to keep a dog in, burgles out, or maybe for the kids to play more safely in the yard?

Why are you considering getting a gate and fence for your property?

As you drive through the most beautiful areas of your city, you’ll see that many of the homes that create the greatest impression are those that are fenced and gated.

But often, this was not the primary consideration of the homeowner when the property was fenced and gated. The primary concerns of homeowners who install gates and fences are the short list above, to increase security and increase the value of their homes, to protect their children, their pets, and to feel better about taking care of the family, the property, and the assets they value.

When you decide to install a gate and fences, these will likely be your primary interests as well.


How much security does a gate offer? Well, a lot of that depends on the fencing and gate. But, it is a fact that any fence and gate offers better security than no fence and no gate.

You probably have heard it said, “there are no ‘un-pickable’ locks”.

That’s right:  a determined and skilled burglar can get through any door.

The same could be said of gates and fences. With sufficient skill and determination, a burglar can eventually get through or over them.

But, contrary to what we see in the movies, most burglars are neither determined or skilled – otherwise they would have regular jobs!

Psychological Battle

So, a big part of the “battle” that you potentially face with burglars is a psychological one. It’s game of perception! You want to weaken what little self-confidence the intruder might have before he ever sets foot on your property. They want the easy pickens. Therefore, gates, fences, lights and alarms are all cause for passing on your home and seeking an easy mark!

When you have enclosed property, it communicates to the burglar, “This family (or business) cares about his property. If they have a fence and gate, it is more likely that there will be other barriers as well. This property is likely to have other security hardware and/or systems in place that will make what I want to do difficult or nearly impossible.” So, it’s the mind game you want to win, and gates are the first line of defense in this business.

What to Consider When Installing a Gate and Fence on your Property

Beauty, security and the value of your home! There are lots of benefits that a fence and gate bring you as mentioned above. In this article, we stressed security. Be sure to look for our articles on the beauty of gates and also our article regarding how they increase the value of a home as well.

by Avi Ben David


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