Beautiful Hi-Tech Installation in Los Angeles, CA

Our High Tech 45 Design is one of our most popular products, as its 45 degree angle bars provide greater privacy for any home and gives an exterior modern look to the whole property.

About this project…

On this project we installed a pedestrian gate and a driveway sliding gate. As you can see, the 45 degree angle bars give the home more privacy from the outside view, without obscuring the visibility from inside to the outside.

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Hi-Tech Series

The sliding gate was installed with our rack a & pinion Italian operator, which are small but very powerful, not to mention the whisper quite they are when in use.

The beauty of our designs is that not only are they modern and exquisite looking, all of our products are very low maintenance, rust free, and can be customed made to be installed in hilly terrains with no problems.

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