Bad Gates

Worn down gate
Broken gate
A badly fabricated or installed gate for a beautiful property is like wearing a cheap suit. This gate makes this property look like a set piece for a new Frankenstein movie. It won’t prevent burglaries — a stray dog could get through that fence — but it might scare some people away: little kids, I suppose.
A beautiful gate must be beautiful in all it’s aspects, from idea to the gate installed. The idea must beautiful, the drawing it out as a plan must be beautiful, the fabrication must be beautifully planned out, the installers must be “thinking beautifully (i.e. with the correct science of construction skills)” as they install it.
Fail to do that and the gate does not look beautiful and is haphazard as far as offering any real security.
Here’s a video that gives some other examples of gates that just aren’t right. It’s got some proper hillbilly music as accompaniment so you can smile a bit as you see these.

Videos of Bad Gates