Choose Mulholland to Install Gates on Hilly Terrains in Los Angeles

Hi-tech aluminum hillside fence

When most people think of Los Angeles, they do not think about much hills or mountains. People think about the smooth beaches, Hollywood Boulevard, and the California lifestyle. Nonetheless, a local resident can tell you how bumpy and hilly Los Angeles can really be when driving on Sunset Boulevard through Beverly Hills. After all, Beverly Hills does have HILLS in its city name. Same goes for the Hollywood Hills. Los Angeles is filled with hilly terrain throughout the city. This type of land complicates many things for owners of properties on these hilly terrains. One of the things that definitely increases in difficulty are gate installations. Gate installations on hilly terrain are very difficult.

Why Gate Installations On Hilly Terrains Are So Difficult

Hilly terrain gate installations are difficult for a variety of reasons. One of them is the fact measurements become tricky. On a straight path land installation, all measurements stay the same throughout the entire process. For example, a drive way that measure 20 feet in diameter, the measurements will stay the same throughout the 20 feet meaning the gate could be a half-foot off the ground leaving room for the track and this distance will stay the same throughout the 20 feet. This scenario is not so for a gate installation on a hilly terrain. A hilly terrain will have different measurements throughout the 20 feet requiring custom measurements on the gate and track to ensure there is a proper installation that takes place. The following illustration provides a visual illustration of this scenario:

If the driveway or land goes up or goes across the driveway, a swing gate may not be able to open because it will hit the driveway. If you would like a more in-depth explanation of this process, feel free to give us a call at 310.620.3760.

Another thing that makes installations more difficult on hilly terrains is the maintenance. Since a gate installation on a hilly terrain requires special modifications, all parts of the gate need to be of the highest quality to ensure the installation doesn’t deteriorate and negatively affect the measurements over time which could result in your gate not opening properly. With the ultra-hot Los Angeles California sun beaming down, this can be quite a challenge.

Why Mulholland is the Company to Choose in the Los Angeles Area for Hillside Gate Installations

Mulholland has been installing gates in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas for over 25 years. We don’t mean to brag, but we know the Los Angeles terrain like no other company does. We know gates in the Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades tend to oxidize quicker just as we know gates in the Beverly Hills area tend to be on hilly terrains and put greater emphasis on security. We also know our Angelino customers like things done quickly and efficiently. Don’t believe us? Our 4.5 Yelp and 4.9 Google My Business review ratings prove we know what we’re doing.

We also are a forward thinking company which is why our gates and materials used to install them are constantly evolving. We started off installing traditional wood and steel gates many years ago, but now also offer aluminum powder coated gates that don’t rust and require very little maintenance over time. Wherever your property is located and whatever style of gate you desire, we have the materials and personnel to provide the gate you’ve been dreaming of.

Now, you probably are thinking, “Mulholland may know gates, but what about gate installations on hilly terrains?”

We don’t just talk about it, we be about it. We not only write about hilly terrain gate installations in the Los Angeles area, we do them as well. The following hillside gate installation is one of our finest works, as the owner was not able to find a company that would dare take on the task of installing a gate on such a terrain. Mulholland was up for the challenge. The result was a gate installation that gathered national attention with over 500,000 views on our own company channel and over 1 million views on other YouTube channels. View the famous hillside gate installation below:



Think the previous installation was luck? We have installed many other gates on hilly terrain throughout the Los Angeles area over the years. Take a look at other hillside gate installations below:

Mulholland takes pride in our work. We enjoy taking on difficult challenges and seeing our customers happy with the results. We provide great value for our pricing and provide customer support for every installation we do. If you are a Los Angeles resident seeking a company that knows how to install gates on hilly terrain, than you have found the company you’ve been searching for. Nobody does hillside gate installations in Los Angeles better than us!