If You Love Animals, You Have to Read About Our Donkeys

If you have been reading our recent emails,  you know that we’ve been talking a lot about the donkeys we have at our new Malibu location.

You might also have seen our recent blog post about our male donkey, Momo, getting “arrested”!

Yes, it’s true! We’ve got two new donkeys (and, being that our female donkey, Mimi, is pregnant, in several months we will have three donkeys!

So, yes, you might say we are “into” donkeys! So much so that we’ve decided to connect up with a charity organization that helps out donkeys around the world.

Here in the United States in this day and age most people don’t know very much about donkeys at all! There’s lots of people living in the city who may have never in their entire lives visited with one of these animals.  But, there are plenty of people living in the country and on ranches and on farms who count on their donkeys to get a lot done for them! I would guess that about 100 years ago just about everyone in the United States would have known something about donkeys and would have had some sort of a “personal acquaintance”, with a donkey or two! Why? Well, donkeys have been an integral part of the “workforce” in the United States, and in some places, they still are.

Tractors and mechanized farm machinery are now doing much of the work Americans used to expect donkeys to do. But, there are still thousands of them doing work for people in probably every state of the country. Nowadays, more and more people are keeping them as pets, as many of them can be ridden,  and they are a lot of fun to “hang out” with! They are usually very gentle, good with kids, and always very intelligent. As you may have heard, they can also be very stubborn! Sometimes you get the idea that they fully understand what you want to do but they just won’t do it! In that way, I guess, they are a lot like us people.

Donkeys Are a Vital Part of Life For Millions of People Throughout the World!

As the United States has become more and more  mechanized, there are less and less of them working for us. But, in most of the rest of the world,  donkeys are a big big part of the day-to-day life of people!

You Can Help!

If you would like to help, you can do a LOT, with just a few dollars. Here is where you can find out a lot about SPANA, and decide how much you can help.

Avi Ben David