Planning the Installation of a Modern Pergola Made in the USA

Modern Aluminum Pergola - Mulholland Brand

Many homeowners want some shade for the outdoors to be provided by a pergola. These structures have vertical posts, open sides and a lattice of rafters on top that partially block the sunshine. Retractable canopies can be installed. Designs are available for both traditional and modern pergolas, with the modern versions looking sleek and especially suitable for contemporary home styles.


These structures in both the traditional and modern styles are usually installed over a concrete or brick patio, or a wood or vinyl deck. They also can be placed on the grass or over a garden.


These home improvement features are available in wood, iron, and aluminum. For modern pergolas, many property owners choose those made of a high-strength aluminum alloy that is resistant to corrosion. Aluminum covered with a polyester powder coating is even stronger and known for a longer lifespan. It also is a low-maintenance material, unlike wood. Wood requires occasional painting or staining to prevent deterioration. It also can be vulnerable to insects and rodents. Each material has their own key setup of benefits and will make a beautiful addition to any property.


Most commonly, pergolas are used to cover a seating area in the yard. This could be a place to entertain guests or for the household residents to enjoy eating meals outside. It creates a shady place for children and animals can play in the heat of summer, and creates an instant place for lounging.

Concluding Thoughts

Some homeowners think about building a pergola but realize they’ll probably never actually do so. The project is time-consuming, and not everyone has the skills to construct one. Instead, they hire a business like the one shown at to custom-build this yard feature and install it on the property.


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