Holiday Party 2018 & How Gates Save From Embarrassment

Perhaps you can get some idea of the integrity and value of a company by inspecting the morale of the company’s leaders and employees. (It makes sense to me!) We think, if that it the case, that we must be doing quite well.

There’s still some leftovers. Being of service to you in this New Year is plenty of good reason to continue the celebration. For the first week of January, you are welcome to come to our office for cake and ice cream.

Even as we are carefree, we still need to be careful!

We’re posting this video mainly for laughs, but there’s certainly something of a “moral of the story” to be found in here.

Many of us are living more transparent lives, and we imagine that there’s value in that, sometimes.

But we still feel that there’s a greater value in things that we hold personal, and wish to keep private.

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