Aluminum Gate in Pacific Palisades

In this video you will find out more about our aluminum gates and how these are helpful in coastal areas.

Hello, this is Ron with Mulholland Security (Mulholland Brand. And I’m here in the beautiful at Pacific Palisades with an installation that we just finished today. Our amazing installation crew did this.

This is one of our, tandem gates, basically utilizing a little bit of a room to allow for more parking space here for this beautiful house. These two leaves are basically folding into the same location, one after the other.

The video will show you that it works really, really well. These are our aluminum gates are, we see everything is aluminum. We are very close to the ocean here. Don’t want stuff to start rusting really fast. So it’s all aluminum, it’s all powder coated.

I’ll get a little closer so you can see how neat the finish and the details are really, really beautiful. Really, really well made. Everything is perfectly done on these gates, including the handles. This has a lock on it obviously. These gates here, I will now show you how it works. We have a little keypad here that we place here so people can get in if they need to without without having a key or a remote.

And once we enter a code, you will see how one leaf travels faster than the other, and they both kind of fold into the same area here, right by this pedestrian gate. So they utilize almost no room for at to allow for a steel, a big opening on that driveway and without the need of basically utilizing this parking area here in front of the garage. So this is a pretty much how it works. We’re going to close it right now, same way with the keypads.

And we will see how they both slide out until they come to a full closing. So really, really neat: a patent that we use a lot here in this area just because of the scarcity of the, of the parking.