Aluminum Sliding Gate for a Palm Springs Fixer-Upper

Palm Springs Fixer Upper

We fabricated and installed this aluminum sliding gate for a Palm Springs fixer-upper!

Palm Springs Fixer UpperThis particular style of gate is known as a “solid profile 24” in that the depth of the gate is 24 mm.

After we put this gate together, we powder-coated it and jumped in one of our trucks and drove out early to Palm Springs.

We got the work done quickly.

This is the wide aluminum sliding gate installed.

This is about 14′ wide.

A conventional steel or wood gate of this size would be a monster to build and to install.

It would be very heavy, and require machinery or several personnel to install it. And the whole action could be rather dangerous.

A conventional steel gate like this would weigh about three times more than aluminum.

In our past, we made many sliding gates of this size from various types of wood. People who wanted wood gates that would last, asked for mangaris or ironwood gates.

These sorts of gates would also weigh as much as two to three times more than aluminum gates.

Here is one of the pedestrian gates that we installed as a companion to the aluminum sliding gate.

Aluminum and Glass Pedestrian Gate Palm Springs Mulholland Brand


The owner will place a light behind this opaque glass

Aluminum gates and fences are much lighter than wood or steel.


Due to that, the gate motors that move aluminum gates can be made much smaller.

As an example, the motor we most often use on sliding gates is about 10″ tall by 8.5″ deep by 12″ wide!

The motor that would be needed to move a gate of wood or steel of comparable dimensions would be 2-3 times larger in dimensions and would consume much more electricity in its work.

The lighter weight has many other dividends. They are easier and less expensive to transport and to put in place.

All this results in a lower price.


Note the small size of the sliding gate motor for this sliding gate!

a gate motor by the nice company


There are several solid profile 24 aluminum gates featured through out this site. Many of them are in our inspiration gallery.

The rationale for a solid profile aluminum sliding gate is generally that they will provide more privacy. 

Of course, there are many who choose this look simply as it is more of the “look” that they want to achieve for their property.



The traditional wrought iron look of the aluminum fence or the privacy look?

This aluminum fence, of the traditional “wrought iron look” is made by the Ultra Fence Company (


Aluminum gates and fences used to be solely available in the traditional look of wrought iron. And that’s still a beautiful view in many properties.

But not always! There are also properties and situations where the solid appearance is more welcomed and is the final choice.

Which basic look is right for you?

We have a variety of style to choose from.

Here are more of our wide variety of profile 24 gates of the semi-private variety. 

View our glass and aluminum gates.

The hi-tech is another example of our semi-privacy style.

Our woodlike gates and fences are available in full privacy or semi-privacy styles.




Semi private fence
A fence like this if often called a “semi-private fence”. Gaps between the fence slats allow for ventilation and aren’t quite so intimidating in appearance.