Donkey Makes Trouble With Police!

Help Avi “make restitution” for his wrong-doings! Find out about Mulholland’s charitable donations to SPANA. SPANA (the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad) is the charity for the working animals of the world.

My Wake-Up Call!

You hear me laughing in the video, but it was not ALL funny. The stretch of road where Momo was walking is very low traffic, but occasionally cars do travel on it, and often at very high speeds. Some high-speed motor-cyclists are particularly fond of this stretch.

Now, there are wild animals aplenty on these roads, and the people in the area know this, and so there is a general attitude of caution amongst the people driving here. It is very rare – nearly unheard of for there to be accidents on this road.

But accidents do happen! Momo’s alive and happy – but he could have been killed on that highway, and there have been many motor bike enthusiasts killed from high speed collisions with large animals on deserted roads.

We hear from time to time about people not exactly “living that they preach”: the car mechanic driving a pot boiler, the architect living in a very ordinary home, the website designer with a website that has not been updated since the late ’90s.

I guess I have to admit to that as a “gate guy”! I am always preaching the importance of security and telling people of the importance of having a gate and fence – and here I am with a very substandard gate and fence!

There is that old saying to remember “to lock the gate after the cow gets out”. Life hands us a “wake up call” when we get negligent about what “ought to be done”…

Have you received your wake up call?

I hope you never get your “wake up call”! But, that’s really only possible if you “do what you know you should do” now.

Is Your Home Fully Secure?

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