How to Keep Annoying Termites Away From a Brand New Wooden Gate

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Termites can slowly destroy a fancy wooden gate. Use these strategies to defend your property.

Treat the Entire Fence

The first step is to treat the fence. You can use pesticides or an oil-based stain. Certain paints will work well too. If you prefer paint, use a good oil-based paint, an oil-based primer, or a termite-resistant paint.

Remove All Wood in the Surrounding Area

Get rid of any old wood that’s on your property. Termites like rotten stumps and decayed trees.

In the winter, you can keep firewood. However, you should stack it several feet away from the wood gate.

Relocate Every Shrub

Bushes and shrubs can attract termites too. To strengthen your defenses, transplant your bushes and shrubs if they’re too close to the new wooden gate.

Flowers have no risks, so you can confidently plant them along the fence. However, you shouldn’t water the flowers frequently because water can attract termites.

Remove Mulch

Mulch is basically bite-size pieces of wood. For termites, a pile of mulch is an excellent snack. If you have mulch underneath or around your fence, remove it. The mulch will serve as an appetizer for the termites, and the wooden fence will be the main course.

If you need a new wood gate, never cut corners. You should buy one from a company that has a good reputation. While Mulholland Brand has sold wood gates and other quality landscape products for over two decades, they now offer wood-like aluminum gates. These gates provide the aesthetic appeal of wood without the risk of termites and require much less maintenance.

Unlike wood, aluminum is impervious to termites, ensuring that your gate remains intact and beautiful for years without the threat of infestation. Aluminum gates are highly durable and resistant to weather conditions such as rain, sun, and snow. This means they won’t warp, crack, or rot over time like traditional wooden gates.

With wood-like aluminum gates, you won’t need to worry about regular staining, painting, or treating. A simple occasional cleaning is all that’s required to keep them looking new. These gates mimic the natural look of wood, providing the same warmth and charm without the downsides. You can enjoy the beauty of a wooden gate without any of the hassles.

Over time, the lower maintenance and longer lifespan of aluminum gates can save you money compared to the ongoing upkeep and potential replacements needed for wooden gates. Additionally, choosing aluminum gates reduces the demand for wood, helping to preserve forests and reduce environmental impact. To learn more about their offerings, visit