Los Angeles Homes and Businesses Can Benefit from a Shady Pergola

A modern pergola can provide much-needed shade not only in your backyard garden but also at your business. Pergolas can quickly create an attractive outdoor space for a bar or restaurant, as well as at an office space.

The main thing that differentiates a pergola from a patio is that a pergola has a lattice-like roof, rather than a solid roof. Traditional pergolas were used as a trellis, for vines such as grapes, roses, or bougainvillea. These traditional pergolas are a beautiful and highly-desired feature in any garden.

Modern pergolas are often made of aluminum, and sometimes have a high-tech and minimalist look. Rather than supporting vines in a garden, these pergolas are an end in themselves, creating shade and style. You may have noticed an aluminum pergola at a shopping mall or an outdoor cafe.

Unlike a patio roof, a pergola will not keep out the rain, but, it will allow filtered sunlight into the outdoor space. This can create a pleasing outdoor ambiance. Diners can enjoy their lunch outdoors out of the sun, but still have a source of natural, filtered light.

The slats on a pergola roof can also be customized, to allow more or less sunlight to pass through. One very unique option is “woven aluminum” slats; very thin sheets of aluminum are woven through the aluminum support bars like a basket. This creates a more organic look, along with a soft, glowing ambient light.

For the ultimate in modern pergolas, check out Mulholland Brand‘s online gallery.