Top-Quality Aluminum Gates & Fences Raise Property Value

Usually when you’re in the market for aluminum gates & fences, it’s because of their great security and privacy benefits, but what you may not be taking into consideration is the value these products are adding to your property.

When you install a high-quality, heavy-duty aluminum gate or fence you’re making an investment into your security and property. Having a Mulholland Brand gate or fence on your property will instantly raise your property value while adding a beautiful statement to your home.

As time goes on the value of your product will continue to rise as these products become more popular and the overall value of your home increases. Any enhancements you make to your product overtime will only add to the value, so if you decide to sell your home in the future you can include the value of your gate or fence in your asking price.

Our Products are Guaranteed to Withstand the Test of Time

No you may wonder, is this product really going to look the same and add the same value in 5, 10, even 15 years. The answer to that is yes! At Mulholland Brand we manufacture all our products to be long lasting and low maintenance.

Unlike untreated wood and certain high-maintenance metal materials, aluminum makes an excellent choice that will hold up over time with minimal upkeep or maintenance duties, all that’s needed is the occasional rinse with a hose. Aluminum is naturally rust and weather resistant, and our powder coating process adds an extra layer of protection to your product. This helps guarantee that over the years your product will stay beautiful and continue to gain value.

If your gate or fence ever has issues, Mulholland Brand is always a phone call away for repairs, and our aluminum products can be uninstalled and recoated over time to revamp your design.

Order Custom Aluminum Gates & Fences

You likely what a gate or fence that’s going to enhance the current style of your home and feel like it belongs on your property. With our aluminum products that is no issue at all. As you explore our site, you can see all the different styles and designs available. These examples just scratch the surface of what we’re able to do! All of our designs can be customized and manufactured in any style or function, whether you need a driveway gate, pedestrian gate, or perimeter fencing our team can help you create the perfect product. Having a custom gate or fence on your property instantly adds character and beauty to your property. You’ll find yourself wanting to spend more time outside just to admire your product and maybe even have a barbeque or two to show it off to some of your neighbors.

Contacts us today to schedule a time to tour our factory and showroom and start discussing all your ideas for your dream gate.


If you have a project in mind, would like to see our prices, or simply want to check out our inventory in person; good news.  We have factory tours and a showroom to help you plan out your current or future project. Call us up and talk to any of our friendly staff and ask us about our current schedule, or to explore ways we may be able to help you with your goals.  If you’d like to see our latest projects, explore our inspiration gallery or follow us on Instagram, where we ongoingly post our latest completed projects.

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