Why Are Our Prices So Low?

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How Do We Deliver Quality Work at Such Low Prices?
When you are “born into” the business and you’ve lived your entire life in it, could we say you learn a few things?
The father of our CEO, Avi Ben David, owned a security business in Haifa, Israel. He was locksmithing even as a little boy.
By the time he was 13 he had already installed steel doors, gates, security windows, security shutters, locks, safes and more. He grew up understanding security at its fundamentals.
His father’s philosophy was to assume the mind of a criminal and think as a criminal would think; and then put in place the means of preventing them.
Avi learned to think that way as well. As a kid he already knew how to get into places if he wanted to and he knew how the bad guys were thinking. He was always inventing ways to slow them down and to be smarter than them. “How can I make the bad guy go through hell trying to get into a place, to a point that he will not even want to try?”  That’s the attitude to have when securing property.
When our CEO, Avi Ben David started Mulholland Security Centers over twenty years ago, he had already specialized in security in the military. And then he was mentored for several years by a master locksmith. Avi’s never stopped studying security, and he’s never stopped being curious about how to find a better way. Being smart and knowledgeable brings about efficiency, and being efficient prevents costly mistakes.
We get more of our supplies directly from the manufacturer.
We don’t usually deal with “middle men” because we started our relationships with our manufacturers before a lot of them even had middle men!
Every successful business we are aware of started “small” and got bigger as they delivered more and better service. That’s true with security hardware manufacturers as well.
In the twenty years we have been in business, we have had relationships with all the main manufacturers when they were a lot smaller… we’ve even been with some of them since they were “newborns”, before they even had people from outside the company to represent them.
Of course, we don’t have that same relationship with every manufacturer. When we deal with sales representatives, we make sure that we get the best deals we possibly can, so as to relay them on to you. We are successful in this as we deal in a larger volume than virtually any other residential or commercial security company in California.
We are constantly looking for the best deals in all the security gear that we install. Even when we are fabricating our gates and fences, we look for the best offers on our raw material – the metal, wood, glass – even the hinges and handles –  and we transfer our savings to you. 
Lots of competitors means lots of choices. When we are buying from manufacturers, we are the best negotiators!
We are innovative. We work with what’s tried and true as we stay curious as to what might work better! 
We take the greatest satisfaction in all the amazing security tools that already exist, while, at the same time, eagerly looking out for what’s new and more effective, more simply designed and more beautiful. In security, “effective” is, of course, key. But, all these other things seem to be “tied for second place”.  We keep our eyes open for innovation not only in our products, but in our installations. You’ll see a lot of this in our gate and fence installations, particularly in more complex situations, as when gates and fences are being installed on a hill. Other easy to see examples of this are in Mulholland’s “hidden safe” installations.
We don’t believe in change orders.
A change order is work that is added to or deleted from the original scope of work of a contract, which alters the original contract amount and/or completion date. A change order may fork a new project to handle significant changes to the current project
Our position on change orders is that they are minimized by proper planning and responsible execution of planning.  Planning comes after full communication, where we fully understand what the client wants, and thorough inspection, where we thoroughly observe the environment we will be working in.
We pride ourselves on being attentive listeners and profoundly curious questioners! We’ve got that “there are no stupid questions” viewpoint down cold. We’ll ask questions until all parties are certain that what is wanted is understood.
In every installation, a good observation and understanding of the environment of the installation is vital for proper planning. This is particularly true in gate and fence installation in a hilly area.
In regards to responsible execution, it’s long been our experience that the best project management is done when <em>one </em>person is designated as fully responsible for the rapid and correct implementation of the planning. That person must be competent in the skills involved, and must be solution oriented, and must have a friendly encouraging attitude when engaging his workers. It’s also imperative that he must maintain high standards. We make that one person responsible, and then, administratively we give him all the support in the world. We listen to that person too, and help him out
We don’t claim to be the cheapest. Only the best. It’s true that “cheap” eventually ends up being expensive.
If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, hire an amateur! Our claim to fame in our fields will never be that we are the cheapest! It will always be that we offer the lowest prices for the highest quality services and products.