What are the Big, Expensive Mistakes You Can Make in Gating Your Property?

Black aluminum and glass driveway gate
As we go out and meet people who find out about our fences and gates, we see a fair number of people who already have gated and fenced property, but there is something wrong with their installation.
They are in trouble now, because the job just wasn’t done right.
After I interviewed many people who were unhappy about how their gate project went, I started to realize that there were just a few basic things that kept coming up. Thinking that I might save some future heartache, I compiled them into a report, the 7 Big Gate Mistakes.
Go there to download the report now. It’s a fast but thorough report and it will help you a lot when you are going about installing your first gate. If you are needing to repair your fence and gate installation, it will help you find a contractor who knows what they are talking about.