The Story and Meaning of Hanukkah

hanukkah candles

“Happy Hanukkah!”

I try to send out greetings to all our mailing list whenever there is a Jewish Holiday. In these greetings I sometimes decide to try and tell a little bit about the meaning of the holiday.

I quizzed several of my non-Jewish friends on the meaning of the Hanukkah.

Not one of them knew anything about Hanukkah, other than “it’s a Jewish holiday that comes sometime near Christmas each year”.

And that’s true.

But, just like there’s a lot more to the story of Christmas than the date of the holiday, and reindeers and Santa, there’s a lot more to Hanukkah as well.

I’m not a particularly religious person, but the stories I learned as a child about my Jewish heritage always fascinated me.

I always thought that the Hanukkah story was one of the really good ones.

So, I could tell you the story myself, but, I’d probably put you to sleep.

I looked through the net and found lots of great re-tellings of the story. I think I like this one the best. (I love a good, heroic story, with good triumphing evil!)

Go ahead and give the video a view!

In all sincerity, I feel that this is the deepest message of Hanukkah, and I hope it speaks to you.

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