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This Month’s Beautiful Gate

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The “Iron Leaves” design adds a stunning finish to a beautiful property.

Our theme this month is safety for children and pets!


Let’s keep them safe!

Precious, innocent, and free to run into the street if that’s where the ball, or frisbee goes.

That’s a receipe for disaster. of all the reasons to have a gate installed at your home, the very best reason is because gates provide privacy and protection for your children and pets.

However, the list benefits of a well placed gate can go far beyond the safety of your family and loved ones.

Using both a driveway gate and a pesdestrian gate to secure the front perimeter of you property also deters home invasion, burglaries, and solicitors from your front door!

Gates also help to define and make better use of your property lines.

A well designed quality gates provide security while adding beauty and real value to your property.

Over the past two decades we have created outstanding gates made of quality woods, Iron, Stainless Steel, and even glass.

You can see many gate designs to match and enhance any property by going to our our Gates Los Angeles web site right now. www.gateslosangeles.com

Gate Know-How Basics

Whether your gate is on a relatively flat surface, or on a hilly, sloped area as it is at many of our customers’ properties, we will make your gate according to your vision.

Our pro installation team will make sure that it is installed perfectly and that it will function perfectly year-round, rain or shine, hot or cold.

(Yes, the weather is a BIG factor for gate manufacture and installation, and a poorly designed or installed gate will cause you headaches during the most uncomfortable times of the year!)

A perfectly designed, manufactured and installed gate will you save you worry and emergency repair calls and give you a sense of well being and pride all year long.

How do I choose the right gate vendor for my project?

Gates are tricky to design properly, fabricate precisely to the plan, and install correctly.

Constructing a Gate from A-Z is a complicated process. It requires the vendor to be very detail-oriented with all stages of gate craftsmanship, and it requires specific knowledge and experience with safety and security systems integration.

(It is not recommended to work with multiple contractors or vendors on one gate project, because they will inevitably blame each other for any and all problems leaving you in the middle!)

Maintaining high quality control all through the process; verifying the quality of the materials, the quality of work and craftsmanship and staying on top of deadlines and promises to serve the client are all key to doing this business well.

Designing, fabricating, finishing, and installing a gate for a hilly terrain can be a particularly serious challenge to complete correctly so that the gate works smoothly and properly for years to come.

The terrain is often overlooked and, when disregarded in the process, can result in sinking gate posts and gates touching the ground and falling out of proper calibration. This brings about the need for seemingly endless maintenance and adjustment.

We are very familiar with this as service calls to repair such gates are a big part of our business!

Experienced gate companies like Mulholland Security will save you time and money because of issues like this.

Always ask how many gates the vendor has fabricated in the previous year; they should know. Ask who actually fabricates the gate; do they outsource the work or do it in-house? Ask them how they follow up to ensure proper quality control.

How many years of experience do they have?

Ask to see client testimonials, and reference letters; the most serious companies even have video testimonials.

Or, simply call Mulholland Security Centers, Inc. to get started with your new beautiful gate, with a professional and experienced company, and all in line with your budget.

Call us today at: 888-562-5638

Why Gates?

  • Deter Burglars and Thieves.
  • Prevent crimes and break-ins to your property.
  • Prevent solicitors from reaching your door.
  • Increases your property value & prestige.
  • Provide privacy to you and your family
  • Keeps your kids and pets from running to the road.
  • Increase your property value.

It’s good to share

A good gate will keep them both safe and happy!

Not a “Do-it-Yourself” Project –A Gate Requires Several men to fabricate and Install

Our Team

A perfect Job

“I have had this gate for a few years now, and it is always functioning smoothly and looks as good as it ever did.” – Arlene Sidaris, Los Angeles

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Customer Testimonials

Angie's List Super service award 2011

24/7 Emergency Gate repair services

DEMA Domestic Estate mangers asso.

We Specialize in all kinds of gates: residential and commercial!

We fabricate gates made of stainless steel, iron, wood, glass, and various combinations of materials resulting in beautiful, durable, and cost effective custom-made gates.

Aside from the classic attributes of safety, beauty and protection that is the mainstay of your gate, we can also modernize it with all the high security features including full integration of security cameras and an intercom system and even a remote viewing option on your smart phone!

We are aware of no one else in Los Angeles who has artisans, technicians and installers with a comparable depth of experience and skill as our team at Mulholland Security.

We are members of CAI, CACM, ALOA, & DEMA:



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