Aluminum Fences and Gates – 8 Big Benefits

Aluminum Gate with White Glass

When we first published this article, it was “The 7 Benefits of Aluminum Gates and Fencing”. But I thought of another one! I will probably be revising this article frequently as we discover more amazing things about this magical fence material.

The latest addition to the benefits is “Lightweight”. I think it fits best right after Low-Maintenance! So, if all else is old news to you, jump ahead to point #4.

As you shop for a gate or fence, all the options available might seem overwhelming. Is a steel gate the right for your home? What about wood? At Mulholland, we’ve worked with every type of material you can imagine.

Over the past 25 years, Mulholland Security has installed and worked with steel, glass, wood, and aluminum.

As of today, our company has transitioned to an aluminum focus, but continue working with other materials. Our shift to aluminum was based on the value customers receive when they decide to use aluminum.

In this article, we will highlight seven benefits of aluminum gates and fencing. After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of the many benefits of aluminum gates and fencing.

1. Cost-effectiveness of Aluminum Fence

Best QualityIn comparison to steel, aluminum fencing can be very affordable. Aluminum allows for a wider variety of styles. Aluminum is much more affordable than their wood and steel competitors.

The initial price tag of aluminum fence is often well below the price of many wood fences. Also, aluminum doesn’t require additional upkeep expenses and maintenance. It is a one-time investment that will last for years without replacement, thus lowering costs in the long term.


2. Aluminum Fence Adaptability

Aluminum fencing can adapt to hillsides

Unlike steel, there are styles of aluminum gates and fencing that can be easily adjusted to fit your property landscape. These styles of aluminum gates and fencing can be adjusted to adapt to changes in hill grade and present an even appearance.

3. Aluminum Fence Low-Maintenance

our "wood like" is very low maintenance
Mulholland’s “Wood Like” fences and gates will look and act good as new with just an occasional wash.

Unlike a steel or wood gate or fence, you do not need to repaint an aluminum gate or fence. Aluminum gates and fencing are ordinarily installed with a powder-coated or painted finish. Painted aluminum is cheaper but more expensive in the long run. Paint is very susceptible to erosion as time goes by. Powder coating is much longer-lasting. The highest quality brands can remain beautiful often for 20 years or more.

You might want to hose down your aluminum gate or fence occasionally to make it look extra nice, it isn’t exactly necessary. On the other hand, a wood or steel gate will require constant repainting or refinishing.

Aluminum benefit is high strength to weight ratio

Steel is nearly 3x heavier than aluminum. And aluminum has the highest strength to weight ratios of all the various fence metals. There are various benefits to this.

  • Aluminum fence panels and gates mean that they do not cause so much strain on the hinges and posts. This results in our fences and gates staying “true” (“plumb, parallel, and perpendicular”) longer than their wood and steel counterparts.
  • The most popular gate styles, the single and double swing gates are most affected by this. In that they weigh so little, they won’t need adjustment so often over the years. (As time goes by, the influence of gravity on a heavier gate will cause gate posts to move away from a 90-degree angle.
  • The first indication of this is when the gate panels will not line up correctly with the receiving post or with the second panel. In this situation, the gate won’t fully close, or, once closed, might get stuck or difficult to open. Eventually, they may sag to the point where they drag against the ground and are nearly impossible to open or close.
  • Aluminum is easier to install than steel or wood gates and fences. This means the installers don’t tire out as the day progresses. Tired workmen are the sort of people who make mistakes.
  • The low weight of an aluminum gate means that a smaller motor can be employed to open and close the gate. The smaller motors are much more attractive than the big motors made for wood and steel

5. Aluminum Fence Security

"Hi-Tech" Full Aluminum Semi-Privacy Gate

Aluminum gates and fencing are often used for security purposes. This is why it has to be a sturdy material. Your aluminum gate and fence act as a security barrier, giving your children and their pets a safe place to play within your yard.

6. Aesthetic Variety

With all of the different colors and styles available, aluminum gates and fences are a welcoming and beautiful addition to any property.

Mulholland’s examples include the contemporary look of the hi-tech design, the wood-like, the profile 24, and the black and white glass styles.

It provides all the beauty and strength of steel without the cost, maintenance, and rust. The powder coating (if provided) will retain its beauty on aluminum no matter what the weather brings, and you will have many designs and colors to choose from.

Whatever design you can imagine made from steel or wood can be replicated with aluminum.

7. Aluminum Fencing Repairability 

Repairs to aluminum gates and fences tend to be very simple on average. You can repair one component of the fence without replacing a whole entire section. The ease of repairing these fences also means that those repairs tend to be less expensive than steel or wood.

8. Aluminum Fence Reliability

Aluminum is not vulnerable to corrosion, so unlike steel, aluminum fencing will not rust. It also won’t deteriorate or fade as a wooden gate or fence. So, you don’t need to worry about the effect of moisture or sunlight damaging it over time. Keep in mind, there are different types of wood that each provide a different level of resistance to corrosion. The more resistant woods and mean a higher price tag. You will see that Aluminum costs less than the most weather-resistant types of wood. Aluminum will reduce your maintenance cost to almost nothing in comparison.

Whether your aluminum gate or fence experiences periods of rain, snow, or sunlight, your aluminum fence will stand strong.

If your property were to catch on firer, aluminum will be safer than other types of materials, especially wood. Aluminum remains intact even when exposed to extremely high or low temperatures.

Fun Facts About Aluminum

Aluminum is a miracle metal.  There is a lot of great information about the capabilities of aluminum at Here is some of the information I got at that site .

  • Once, more precious than gold and silver
    Before the discovery of the Bayer and Hall–Héroult processes, aluminum was more expensive than gold or silver. Napoleon III served state dinners on aluminum plates.
  • Aluminum helped pioneer flight
    The Wright brothers used aluminum to build key parts of their biplane’s engine. Aluminum provided an engine light enough with the needed horsepower.
  • The lifespan of an aluminum can
    A can is recycled over and over again in a true closed loop. Unopened aluminum cans are very strong, despite being so thin. Four six-packs of cans are able to support the weight of a 2-ton vehicle!
  • Recycling efforts can be improved
    Every three months, Americans throw away enough scrap aluminum to rebuild the entire U.S. commercial airplane fleet. Recycling that metal would save the energy equivalent of 16 million barrels of oil.

In Conclusion

We’ve worked with all traditional gates and fencing materials for over 25 years.  Mulholland is truly an expert in aluminum. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding aluminum gates or fencing don’t hesitate! Call us at 818.639.3820 or submit a contact form at our site.


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