May 2019 Gate of the Month Delights Sherman Oaks Neighbors

Mulholland Black Glass Gate

Good afternoon. This is Ran Artzi with Mulholland Security and I’m here in Sherman Oaks, California. I want to show you another installation that was just completed by our great installation team.

This is one of our aluminum gates. It’s a beautiful, beautiful design. This a really wide opening over 20 feet; about 22 feet. This is a sliding gate that slides out and to the right. That design as you can see is clean, classic, horizontal lines with some vertical supports in the middle. This is all aluminum, powder-coated high, high, high quality of finish and material.

In the center here, the pedestrian gate, really compliments this house. And this design is our black glass style gate is aluminum as well. We added an intercom and a keypad for entry. There is also a small keypad on the farther out pilaster to operate the driveway gate.

There is a fence panel here. A to Z, this is a beautiful clean installation we are really, really proud of. It came out really, really pretty, and the customer is excited about it, and so are we! Again, we’ve done a few gates in this street already, but I think this one really puts all of them in the back in the rear view mirror.

It’s just beautiful and it really compliments this brand new house. One of the last details for this house was just the fencing and the gate. That wasn’t done by the contractor. And we were able to assist this homeowner in completing it. And we’ve given this house a great complementary look.


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