Mulholland Solution for Sliding Gates on Hilly Terrains – Avoid old-fashioned rollers from sight!

Although gates can be installed on slopes, the process is difficult even for an expert. If your driveway is on a slope, you may need additional equipment to assist with the installation. If the slope is steep, your electric gate automation kit may be put to the test. However, while installing gates at the bottom of a slope is difficult, it is still possible if proper precautions are taken. Here’s everything you should think about.

The Issues with Sliding Gates on Slopes

Any automatic gate system might be unsafe when installed without the proper consideration. When an automatic gate is positioned at the bottom of a hill, this is especially important. In particular, improperly installed sliding gates have the potential to do the most damage.

There are two main issues with sliding gates on slopes: the stability of the gate and the modifications needed to make the gate work.

When it comes to stability of a sliding gate, there are many factors to consider that could potentially cause issues with your gate. Poorly manufactured and/or installed gates can have their stability compromised by factors such as:

  • The design of gate not fitting the slope properly
  • Poorly executed railing system
  • Strong winds causes gate to rattle

Sliding gates on slopes require more force to push when they’re going uphill, and a higher braking force to stop them accelerating downhill. If the gate is not stable while opening and closing, this extra force may cause other issues to your gate such as rubbing off paint because of unwanted friction, and in worst-case, even the de-railing of your gate.

Mulholland Brand’s Solution

Here at Mulholland Brand, we have over 25 years’ experience in supplying and fitting automatic electric gates, openers and access control systems. This means our installers and engineers are experts in what they do. It also means they understand the complications that can arise when gates are installed at the bottom of a slope.

We take pride in calling ourselves experts in hilly terrains, and as such our solution to these issues is elegant and proprietary.


IST (invisible sliding technology) is a patented high-end system designed to provide stability while retaining flexibility, allowing our gates to work efficiently on hilly terrains while maintaining their clean aesthetic.

The IST can adjust the height of the gate while it is open and closed to match the fencing or wall on your property.

With the IST system, the rollers are hidden behind an aluminum post, ensuring their protection and durability. This mechanism requires little to no maintenance, and keeps the whole gate system clean without the obvious and huge rollers used in other installations.


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