Woodland Hills Three Gate Project

Aluminum Gray Gate with Powdered Glass

Here we have a new design, and this is our first installation. This installation in Woodland Hills. our only pictures of this particular design here. This is a hybrid between two designs, the Hi-Tech and Aluminum and Glass. Here you can find other examples of the Hi-Tech models and here you can see other examples of our glass designs.

Mulholland Gate contemporary gray hi-tech and glas (Transcript of the recording)

Good afternoon. This is Ran (Pronounced “Ron”) with Mulholland Brand and I’m in a beautiful neighborhood of a Woodland Hills, California and I want to show you a project we just finished. This is a complicated project. We have a couple of driveway Gates, one in the far end one right here.
We have a pedestrian Gates here. These are our aluminum Gates. They are a hundred percent aluminum, head to toe, a hundred percent powder coated, a hundred percent made in the U S. We make them here in our Canoga Park office; our Canoga Park factory.
We use rack and pinion operators. They are nice. They are elegant, they are small. They don’t take a lot of room and they work beautifully. No chain needed, no grease, (and) not a lot of maintenance.
These Gates are almost a hundred percent maintenance free. You will not need to worry about paint or rust or anything like that. You will need once in a while periodically just to wash them and clean them up.
We already also installed a double swing here. Again, this is the interior and both of these Gates have safeties and exit loops to freely get out.
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful work. This is Ran, for Mulholland Security (Mulholland Brand) in Woodland Hills, California.

Mulholland Double Swing Gate Contemporary Hi-Tech and Glass