A FANCY FENCE gate features a very short full opening/closing time, which is several times shorter than in the case of other type of gates available in the market. The secret is that the distance to be travelled by the leaf to open/close the gate is more than twice as short as in other gates and that a neutral weight of the leaf thanks to the counterweights used allows for faster speeds to be used in the drive unit.


As the leaf travels vertically, the FANCY FENCE gate is the only gate available in the market that may be installed in an inclined driveway, without having to level the ground around them. For installations where the gate leaf is perpendicular to the inclined ground it is necessary to install a channel drainage system along the top line of the concrete vault to prevent flooding of the vault.

For installations where the gate leaf is parallel to the incline, the top of the gate leaf may be horizontal or parallel to the inclined ground (in the latter case the height of the gate leaf arrangement will differ on both ends).


To achieve the desired effect, the FANCY FENCE system is installed by dedicated, specialized and fully trained installation teams. Before the commencement of every installation, the site conditions are carefully analysed, and installation takes place with a precision that guarantees the highest quality. At the same time, unique customised methods and tooling specifically prepared for the FANCY FENCE system enable the installation work to be conducted in the most suitable manner for this type of work.


FANCY FENCE gates are fitted with identical sensor systems as those used for sliding gates. They are aesthetically mounted on the outer components of the fence on both sides of the gate. At the instance that the light beam is broken by any object, the safety system immediately stops the movement of the gate. Overload protection that is installed as a standard in our gate drives is additional protection.

It is worth noting that unlike other types of gates available in the market, FANCY FENCE gates are safe for people, pets and property, even if other safety systems fail. This is due to the unique design of our gates which do not incorporate another fixed object that the gate would induce a crushing force against when closing.


The FANCY FENCE system allows you to configure the arrangement of your fence, gate and pedestrian access gate. The basic arrangement is made of steel pickets that depending on your preferences can be cladded with any material offered by your local distributor. Depending on the region these are:

To see the complete range, please contact your local distributor.


Emergency manual opening or closing of the gate is activated with the use of a handle, through the service opening located in the centre cover. The fact that the leaf-counterweight system has a neutral weight differential, allows for it to be lifted or lowered effortlessly even by children.


The FANCY FENCE pedestrian access gate does not have standard hinges. The gate swings open around one of the pickets at the end of the gate. This is possible because a horizontal beam is used to connect the gate pickets together. This beam is placed slightly below pavement level to obtain the effect of an “invisible” gate that is merged into the rest of the fence. Naturally, if you want to make your pedestrian access gate stand out from the rest of the fence there is a wide range of materials and colours available for you.



There are many benefits to using aluminum as your base material for your rail system. Below are just a few reasons aluminum has skyrocketed in popularity with property owners:



Get to know our products with articles from our Education Center.



The Owner is in contact with every single job. That is priceless.Also, quality and design is %100 satisfied.Good Luck Mulholland Brand.
Eyal Shirel
Eyal Shirel
06:07 21 Dec 21
Great experience vey professional, highly recommend, we got two pedestrian gates and two driveway gates we are extremely happy with the results, the design is exactly the way we imagined. its working perfect we could not have better experience with all the team that help with our project from the office to the guys on the job site.Must emphasize that I’m 100% pleased.Thank you for running a quality super professional operation delivering a world class results.
Marc Farraye
Marc Farraye
02:48 18 Nov 21
Beautifully done and excellent service! Mulholland's team was a pleasure to work with - all the way from the initial site visit to the installation. I will be replacing a front fence and gate at some point in the future and will 100% call Mulholland to do the work. Their products and service are top-notch and will definitely add value & security to any property. Great job y'all, thanks again!!!
Shaun Young
Shaun Young
22:46 02 Nov 21
Ryan at the service department was able to schedule an appointment to repair my smart lock within a day. Norman was very professional and knowledgeable. They actually replaced the entire lock to ensure the fingerprint access will continue to work well. We were very pleased.
I purchased a new gate system over a year ago. After a slow start to get the company to come back and fix some glitches in the system I finally talked to Ryan who took my issue and ran to get me parts under warranty and made it happen. He sent me Norman who was very knowledgeable and quickly fixed all. Ryan and Norman Got me to give this 10 out of 10 review.
Judy Yeh
Judy Yeh
21:09 25 Jun 21
The entire process was easy and the install went very smoothly. Jeremy and Gonzalo were here to do the install of our security gate. They were friendly, informative, patient and thorough. Gate looks great! Thank you! I would highly recommend this company!
Javier Cervantes
Javier Cervantes
12:40 16 Apr 21
The materials and product are top shelf, and the installation is smooth with great communication. I’m grateful for the follow through as well the details to date. I know you’ll feel just as happy to do business here as well.
Marlene G.
Marlene G.
23:38 03 Mar 21
While I did not use this business to purchase a front entry gate I am writing this review to share the excellent customer service that I received from them. I was paired up with Liz and from the moment I sent an email, Liz responded. She was knowledgeable about their products, flexible, and priced right. I also liked their product offerings very much and they were even open to some customizing. Liz worked very hard to try to make the situation work for me but unfortunately we could not move forward. The problem that we ran into was location. We live in Palm Springs and they are in Los Angeles. We would have had to piece meal the project with 3 different contractors: manufacturer, shipper, and then installer. The dynamics were too risky, therefore, we had to look locally for someone who could manufacture, deliver, and install. If not for the logistical issues I would have worked with Mulholland Brands in a heartbeat. Liz, thank you so much for all of your assistance.
Tony Solano
Tony Solano
22:34 19 Nov 21
Excellent Job Performance. The Installation Crew is Fast/Professional and attentive to details. They did an amazing job. The Gates look great.

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