The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Pool Fence in San Diego

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Are you a proud homeowner in sunny San Diego looking to install a pool fence in your backyard? Or do you need an upgrade for safety purposes? The very act of choosing the ideal option can be a daunting task, with a myriad of options, such as glass, mesh, or aluminum, to choose from. The good news is, with the right information and help, you can find the perfect pool fence that meets your safety needs and complements your overall backyard aesthetic. 

Consider this your handy guide, designed to navigate you through picking the right pool fence, with insights into popular materials, styles, installation processes, and regulations to keep in mind. Let’s dive right in! 

“A pool fence is not just about safety, it is also an extension of your home’s personality and style.”

In this article, we’ll delve into: 

  • San Diego’s local pool fence regulations
  • The different types of pool fences and their benefits
  • Considerations when choosing a pool fence for your property

Understanding San Diego’s Pool Fence Regulations

Living in sunny San Diego, a personal pool can be a luxury, an oasis of fun and relaxation for your whole family. However, along with owning a pool comes the responsibility to comply with California’s rigorous safety regulations. This is not only a legal necessity but also a vital measure to ensure the well-being of your loved ones and visitors. 

A Quick History of Pool Regulation Laws in California

You may wonder why pool fence regulations are so critical. Over the years, California has seen a significant rise in pool-related accidents; oftentimes fatal, with the majority of victims being young children. Regulations under the 2018 California pool fence code, SB442, have been made stricter to curb this.

Before diving into the cool waters, knowing which pools require fencing is essential. A safety fence is mandatory if your pool is in-ground, above-ground, inflatable, or portable and crafted or updated after 2007, housing more than 18 inches of water. Hence, in practice, almost every backyard pool in California needs a fence around it. 

What Are Current CA Pool Fence Regulations?

What do these implacable laws insist on when it comes to pool fencing? Well, your fence must stand tall, with a minimum height of 5 feet (60 inches) above grade. This specification becomes even more stringent in cities like Los Angeles. Moreover, there shouldn’t be any gaps in the fence, and it must possess the resilience not to be climbed over from the outside. The spacing between rails and the need for self-closing and self-latching gates are also mandated. 

But the California law doesn’t stop there. Any new or significantly remodeled pool or spa must install at least two approved safety features, which gives homeowners some leeway. A pool fence is one such feature, and arguably one of the most effective. Others include safety covers, removable mesh fencing, exit alarms, self-closing doors, pool alarms, or other approved safety devices. 

How to Proceed as a San Diego Homeowner

If all these rules and regulations seem overwhelming, and you are uncertain about your next step, companies such as Mulholland Brand offer professional services in pool fence installations. These services ensure adherence to California safety regulations, offering removable mesh pool fences as one of the options. Their expertise guarantees your pool area is not just a sanctuary of fun but also a safe space for all. Always remember, these comprehensive safety regulations are in place to save lives, and prevent disabilities and unnecessary tragedies. 

So, as a homeowner in San Diego, while enjoying the exhilaration of your very own pool, it’s paramount to make an informed decision about an optimal pool fence. By doing so, you’re not just conforming to the rules – you’re ensuring the safety of your loved ones, giving you absolute peace of mind. And that’s priceless.

Orbit 2 - Aluminum & Glass Railings for Yards Poolsides Decks

Considerations When Choosing a Pool Fence for Your Property

Deciding on the right pool fence isn’t just about aesthetic appeal; it’s also about adhering to San Diego’s pool fence regulations to ensure safety. Let’s delve into some vital considerations when selecting the suitable pool fence for your home. 

1. Fulfilling the Best Safety Measures 

The key purpose of a pool fence is to increase safety. This means the fence must be sturdy, well-maintained, and equipped with at least two safety features, like an approved pool cover or an exit alarm. Regular maintenance is crucial to keep the fence strong and durable over time. Specialist checks will ensure top performance while enabling you to spot any signs of wear and tear early on. 

2. Versatility in Design and Material 

Remember, there’s no need to compromise on style while adhering to safety standards. Materials like mesh can fulfill regulatory height requirements while providing an appealing look and view of the shimmering water.

Engage a professional installer who understands the local regulations; they can guide you in choosing a fence design that combines both safety and beauty. 

3. Accounting for Children and Pets 

Pool fences aren’t exclusively for kids, they’re an essential safety feature for our pet companions too. Upright slats should be sufficiently close together to prevent small children and pets from squeezing through, and the fence must be climb-resistant to deter over-eager explorers. 

In the end, the ideal pool fence for your property will be the one that meets the local regulations, provides strong safety protections, and also aligns with your personal aesthetic preferences. It’s crucial to consider all these factors when deciding the best pool fence for your property.

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Assessing the Lifespan of Different Pool Fence Materials

When evaluating various pool fence materials, it’s crucial to consider the expected lifespan of each. The longevity of a pool fence can impact its cost-effectiveness over time, maintenance requirements, and overall safety standards. 

1) Vinyl Pool Fences 

Vinyl is often chosen for its aesthetic appeal and lower cost. However, even though it’s resistant to many common issues like rot and pests, UV exposure can lead to cracking and brittleness over time. Despite regular maintenance, vinyl fences typically have a shorter lifespan, requiring replacement every 10 to 15 years. 

2) Wooden Pool Fences 

Wooden pool fences can offer a classic and timeless look to your pool area. But remember, wood is susceptible to wear from weather, direct sunlight, and pests. With diligent maintenance, including painting or staining, a wooden fence can last up to 15 years, but generally requires substantial care to reach that age. 

3) Mesh Pool Fences 

Mesh pool fences are handy for their easy installation and versatility. They conform to California’s safety regulations, proving a sound choice for those needing quick compliance. However, being made from synthetic fibers, they can degrade with constant exposure to sunlight and weather elements, and typically last between 5 to 10 years. 

4) Aluminum Pool Fences 

Finally, let’s talk about aluminum. Known for its exceptional durability and longevity, an aluminum fence can stand the test of time and elements. Traditionally, aluminum pool fences resist rust, weathering, and fading; thereby significantly reducing maintenance time and costs while providing a reliable safety barrier. With an impressive longevity, often exceeding 20 years, aluminum consistently outperforms other materials.

In conclusion, aluminum repeatedly proves itself to be the optimal choice for any homeowner considering a new pool fence. Its unmatched durability, minimal maintenance, and overall value make aluminum the gold standard in pool fencing.

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Why San Diego Homeowners Love Mulholland Brand’s Pool Fencing Services

If you’re considering installing a pool fence to improve your property, many San Diego homeowners recommend Mulholland Brand. Known for their locally made, visually appealing, and durable fences and excellent customer service, they make fence installation easy and effective.

Locally Manufactured Products

Mulholland offers a wide array of unique fences and gates. Crafted right here in the USA, these products meet high quality standards and encompass various styles. 

You’ll find plenty of options whether you prefer a traditional look or a contemporary vibe to match your outdoor pool. Plus, if you’ve got a specific design in mind, Mulholland’s customer-focused approach ensures your vision will come to life effortlessly. 

Durable, Long-Lasting Fences

Mulholland Brand is known for its high-quality, long-lasting, and easy-to-maintain fencing products. They use top-tier aluminum to ensure your fence looks good and lasts for years too.  

Their fences and gates also have a layer of weather-resistant powder coating. It comes in many colors, making your fence both attractive and strong against the elements. The result is a beautiful and durable fence from the day it’s installed and for many years.  

Efficient, Prompt Installation

Mulholland Brand knows how important it is to install your pool fence quickly once you’ve decided. They aim to give you prompt service without disturbing your daily routine. 

With their modern technology and facilities, Mulholland ensures a speedy installation without compromising on quality. This way, you get a stunning fence added to your property in no time at all.

Read Feedback from Other Satisfied Homeowners

Mulholland’s reputation speaks volumes about their quality of work. They have provided top-notch installations to a diverse group of clients spanning from homeowners to commercial establishments like shops, hotels, constructors, and schools in many upscale neighborhoods. 

The company stands out in San Diego’s home improvement industry thanks to its committed dedication to delivering exquisite, sturdy, and visually appealing fences and gates. Investing in their services equates to investing in a timeless design and a resilient barrier for your property.

Here’s a snapshot of just some of the reviews customers have happily left online:

“We are really pleased with Mullholland Brand. They responded quickly to my initial inquiry and had a representative out within days to discuss the project. So, we decided to go with Mulholland and we’re glad we did as their team was professional, friendly and did a great job. We’re very happy with the finished product and quality of the materials!”


“After replacing our two wood gates three times in the last 12 years we decided to try a more durable alternative. Mulholland Brand was one of only a few gate installers that utilized aluminum that we could find. I Would definitely recommend Mulholland Brand if you are looking for fencing or gates that will stand up to the difficult southern California climate.”


These are just some of the hundreds of satisfied San Diego homeowners who have made the smart choice to entrust their fencing needs to Mulholland Brand. With over three decades of experience, we pride ourselves on providing sturdy fences within optimal timelines without compromising on the aesthetics or design elements.

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